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Olivia is the Debut EP by american actress and now known as singer Olivia Holt. The EP was released July 15, 2016 through Disney housed recording label Hollywood Records whom of which Holt signed a deal with during October 2014. The EP is a little over fifteen minutes long (sixteen minutes and one second to be exact) and houses a total of five songs. "Phoenix", "Thin Air", "In the Dark", "What You Love", and "History". It is her first effort to be released through Hollywood Records apart from songs associated with TV shows and movies starring her. Edit

Background Edit

In 2015 Olivia released "Carry On" from the movie bears. Which hinted there was music in the works. Hollywood Records put on their website that there was music from Olivia coming soon. Olivia stated there is a new album in the making and will be released soon. Edit

Singles Edit

"Phoenix" is the first single from the EP/upcoming album and was released on May 13, 2016 through Hollywood Records. Phoenix was met with warm reviews from Music Critics from AllMusic. Fans of Olivia also gave the single heartfelt acclaim. "Phoenix" is a Pop Rock anthem that preaches about empowerment and finding your inner phoenix and knowing that you can get back up on your feet and shine through even in your darkest and deepest times. Edit
"What you love could be the possible next single from the EP/upcoming album as Olivia stated during an dinterview that it is her "release song, it's definitely my escape song". Edit

Track listing Edit

No. Song Producer(s) Writer(s) Length
1. Phoenix Steve Mac 3:20
2. Thin Air (featuring. Jordan Fisher) 3:36
3. In the Dark 3:30
4. What You Love 2:55
5. History 3:24
Total Length: 16:45