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    Olivia's Accomplishments

    October 6, 2013 by Danibug01

    Hi people! Okay so, I'm still not used to blogs but I'm giving it another shot. 

    This weeks Topic: Accomplishments

    Okay, Kickin It. It's where she started. And let me tell you, she started off well. It was an amazing show and she made people laugh and gave people confidence. People watched her mature and grow. She has made her name on  Disney XD because of this show. 

    Girl vs. Monster - a Disney movie that everyoen in my family loved. It was a great Halloween movie to give children energy and a little but of the chills. It not only had a good moral but it also had romance and humor. She was also able to put in music to the movie. It wasn't an abnormal thing either. She was pretty much in a band and the band was part of the movie. She proved t…

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