Hey People!

What it do,Olivians? Savannah here! I'm so excited for Thanksgiving and Christmas! Who else is? Let me see a show of hands, or comments... awkward.

I can not wait til' Christmas!

Its my FAVORITE HOLIDAY!!!!!!!!! I've been listening to Christmas music for a while now, but mostly Olivia's Winter Wonderland! I want it to be cold and snowing so I can make a music video for the song.Haha! I can't wait til' sleigh bells ring and Santa comes. Oh-oh Christmas is Coming! I also love that song by R5.

What is YOUR favorite Christmas song?

Give Thanks This Thanksgiving

So this Thanksgiving, give back in your community! Start a food drive at your school,help at the local nursing home, and much much more. I think Olivia would want you to. There's a lot you could do to make someone happy this Holiday Season!

What do YOU want to do to help others?

Christmas Helper

At my school, we have this thing wear we keep a Christmas tree in the front of the school at the security desk. And we put Christmas presents under it and on it and donate them to people in need. Sounds cool right, this year I'm donating mittens I don't need anymore.

I don't have a question...

Peace Love and Joy

Bye Bye!!! Love you all! Shakeitup89 (talk) 23:15, November 5, 2012 (UTC)Savannah [Shakeitup89]

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